Morning Mindfulness

Thanks for checking out my daily stretch routine, a quick and efficient way to get your body moving each and every day, which I created for the Invisalign Australia ‘Made to Move’ campaign. Please allow this routine to inspire you to focus on the importance of working both your mind and body together in order to better optimize your physical and mental health.

Whether you choose to complete this workout at home or at the office, it is my hope that you will do what works best for you in your own time and busy schedule.

5 Tips to Creating a Powerful Morning

1. Get 7hrs+ sleep/night
2. Wake up (at least a little) earlier and start the day slowly
3. Ignore technology (for at least the first 30 mins)
4. Start your day with a glass of water to wake up your body
5. Your meditation practice (I recommend starting with 5mins/day)

Click here to download my 10 daily stretches in 15 minutes.