Our Story

If he’s not running, he’s at the gym. If he’s not at the gym, he’s surfing, playing tennis or shooting hoops. And when he’s not being active, Jason Dundas is dreaming up ideas to combine his passion for fitness and fashion.

Global fitness enthusiast Jason Dundas developed the idea to launch DundasFit while he was living, working and exercising in New York City. Here, he became aware that men’s activewear was evolving, and that guys were starting to wear their athletic clothes in a social setting around one of the world’s most fashionable cities. At night in his New York loft, Jason combined his background in graphic design by strategising a plan to deliver his concept to the men of Australia.

Jason was soon introduced to Mick Spencer, Founder and CEO of ONTHEGO® Sports. Together, ONTHEGO® Sports and Mick share Jason’s philosophy of healthy living through their support of their unique one4oneTM program, which enables access to sport for 12 months for a child in an underprivileged area of Australia. Through a collaboration of Jason’s creative prowess and Mick’s extensive technical knowledge of fitness apparel, the men’s activewear label DundasFit was born.

DundasFit offers the men of Australia an opportunity to access affordable, high quality, and more importantly, fashionable fitness apparel that seamlessly transitions into street style. We’ve worked hard to create a classic, comfortable and contemporary range, and we’re proud that each of our pieces are durable, high quality and wearable. We also live by the mantra, ‘Wear the clothes and the fitness will follow.’

DundasFit’s inaugural Spring Summer collection is exclusively stocked online and across 24 prime locations around Australia at the iconic Australian department store David Jones from August 2015.

Let’s stay fit. Let’s push each other to reach our goals. And let’s look our best while we’re doing it.