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The 33-year-old model/actor Jason Dundas is currently experience small screen success in LA but he is more that an man with a killer six-pack – although he has that too.

For month of muscles we caught up with Dundas to get his top 5 fitness tips for everyday life. You won’t find any body building info here, just simple take-away tips you can incorporate into your everyday life.


“I’m a nut when it comes to exercise – I just have so much energy and I’ll work out seven days a week. I’ll do an hour-and-a-half weight session at the gym, then in the afternoon I’ll do yoga for another hour-and- a-half, which stretches the body out and keeps you lean.

“After that, I’ll go back to the gym and do a core workout for 30 minutes. Other days, I’ll swim at the pool for an hour and then go to a cycle class for an hour.”


“It can be pretty easy to get distracted in the gym when there are a lot of people around, but swimming really lets you focus on technique because you need to concentrate to stay buoyant and move through the water.

“Cycle class is hands-down the best way to burn calories and get cardiovascular fitness. Anyone working a nine-to-five job can walk out of their office, go into a 45-minute class and burn calories from the first second.”


“I try to avoid starchy carbohydrates – wheat, pasta, white rice – substituting them with colourful vegetables. I usually start my day with a smoothie, which gets me through to lunch.

“Then I eat as much leafy green salad as I can – I get a bunch of kale, mixed lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes and protein like chicken, steak or turkey, with avocado for some good saturated fats. In the afternoon

“I’ll have a bit of fruit or some nuts, and for dinner it’s just simple vegetables and lean protein. I try to eat food in its raw form and avoid anything packaged.”


“I was always confused by alcohol, wondering why you’d want to be in an altered state of mind. But I didn’t know anyone who didn’t drink.

“Then at 24, I met a guy who didn’t and we became best friends – I haven’t really drunk since then. I might have a glass of red wine or champagne for a toast, but I don’t enjoy it.”


“Getting the right amount of sleep makes you emotionally stable, prevents cravings for bad food and gives you energy to exercise. It also lets your body rest, so after all the work you’ve done at the gym, the body is building itself while you’re sleeping. It’s as crucial as water.”

The Takeaway

1. “The hardest thing about the gym is making it a routine. Find a mate who’s just as driven as you and if you’re struggling, they’ll give you the kick you need to get over the edge.”

2. “If I do the same all the time my body gets too used to it. When I was 16, I would bench-press every day [but] I didn’t grow, I just got really strong. You need to mix it up.”

3. “I also understand my body can have a cheat day, so I enjoy the odd pizza or burger. It’s probably against what any health coach would say, but occasionally eating bad food reminds me why I avoid it.”